S o u t h w e s t   P h o t o g r a p h y







There is, in the heart of every individual, an intense desire to attain to something better, higher than that they currently possess. This is, as one may painfully observe, too often expressed in an avarice for wealth, power or self-involvement. But the true genesis of that oft misappropriated urge of the soul; that ascending desire in the human spirit that is not of such low origins, can occasionally be witnessed even in our time. But what is often missed, and most frequently by intention, is poignantly illustrated in this bronze sculpture: A Cross is required.

When I first saw this statue at the Shrine of San Luis, in Colorado, it seemed to echo the very depths of the soul's longing to be where its true destiny inclines it. This image, that I originally titled "Ascending" began to take shape in my mind as the very icon of that higher longing. Whereas ascending assumes the connotation of an impersonal, aimless direction upward, it stole upon me that the One depicted here is not so much ascending only, but earnestly — and with focused intensity — "Going Home."