S o u t h w e s t   P h o t o g r a p h y







Born in the Winter of 1944, I began taking pictures early, developing my first photographs by age twelve. So began my life-long romance with light; a love affair that extends beyond the visible to where all true light resides — the spiritual.

Since that time I have been intimately involved in many aspects of the photographic discipline, from portrait, commercial to medical. I found the documentation of innovative surgical research procedures among the more fascinating of my work, a task certainly not for the weak of stomach.

Then, some years ago, I took a turn away from the business aspect — the "trade" of photography, if you will — because of the relatively unfulfilling nature of the work. My heart was, and always has been, drawn to the inherent, even the intrinsic beauty of the sublime creation that surrounds each of us, but remains largely unrecognized by most. Too few actually will force themselves to "carpe momentus" — "seize the moment" — to observe with the heart the marvelous things of this planet.

Essentially, it is the mission of my endeavor to place a frame of reference around those common but beautiful images of life and make it easier for the casual observer to not be quite so casual; to capture the vision of what would commonly be looked upon as mundane, perhaps even boringly simple, and tease or seduce the beauty out of the image by a careful combination of angle, exposure and processing.

I will still, under special circumstances, engage in specific commercial photography, but only under "special" circumstances. An example is the picture below, produced for a close friend who hand crafts some of the most unique furniture items I've ever seen. I accepted the challenge of photographing a piece of art in a manner that the photograph, itself, would be art.

This website is my latest project, mostly to create a "cyber-portfolio" for galleries, but also simply to experiement with the presentation and offerings of my more recent works.


For inquiries regarding this furniture art, you may contact the artist via email at jm@signalmesa.com